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Master The Markets

"Master the Markets" by Tom Williams

This book has 190 pages full of charts and examples which demonstrate the methodology behind Volume Spread Analysis and is written by the inventor himself, Tom William. The book shows you how to decode the invisible buy and sell signals that only the professionals understand in order for you to trade profitably alongside them. This book is an essential part of every traders' library.

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"That was the Week that Was - Volume 1" by Tom Williams

Each week veteran trader and VSA inventor Tom Williams pens a newsletter for members of the VSA Club. Each week he presents a blend of chart analysis, explanation of the principles and his predictions for the coming days.

The news letters written between January 2011 and January 2012 have now been gathered together into an eBook which provides a fascinating and unique insight into the international markets.

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"That was the Week that Was - Volume 2" by Tom Williams

This 2nd volume contains a further 250 pages containing the newsletters written by Tom between January 2012 and January 2013

This 2nd volume continues to offer a unique view of how the markets have play out and how the VSA enlightened trader could predict and profit from the market movements!

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"Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money" by Gavin Holmes

This explosive new book reveals how all markets are moved by the 'Smart Money' - institution/hedge funds and trading syndicates who know exactly how you think as an uninformed trader or investor. In this ground breaking book, Volume Spread Analysis expert and trader, Gavin Holmes shows you how you can trade in harmony with the big players to 'Even the Odds'.

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Trading in The Shadow DVD


"Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money" Course and eBook

A unique introductory educational course for everyone who wants to discover the 'who, what, where, why, and how' all markets work! Its an ideal compliment to Gavin's book by the same name that features veteran syndicate trader, Tom Williams and professional trader Gavin Holmes.

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Book Cover 2


"Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money Volume 2: The Complete Volume Spread Analysis System Explained"

Through his years of trading and his experience of trading in harmony with the 'Smart Money', author and professional trader, Gavin Holmes has taken the Volume Spread Analysis methodology another step closer to the automoated trading system every trader dreams of. By combining separate and discrete VSA signals into a coded sequence,Gavin has been able to produce a series of very high probability, low risk trading setups, which use set sequences of VSA indicators.

For the first time, the sophisticated world of VSA just got a whole lot easier to use in a practical trading environment.

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