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RIP Tom Williams: 4th January 1929 - November 7th 2016

This page is dedicated to the memory of veteran trader, author and inventor of Volume Spread Analysis, Tom Williams

Tom died peacefully at home on November 7th 2016, surrounded by close family and friends, following a short illness. Although we are all naturally very sad at Tom's passing, we know - because he told us - that Tom was satisfied his life's work was being passed on to traders and investors world-wide and that the latest technology developments he witnessed shortly before he died, would see VSA a core component for investors and traders everywhere.


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Tom had a long and varied life. In his 87 years he worked as a syndicate trader in Beverly Hills California, studying the Wyckoff course in Chicago. When Tom retired he spent a decade computerising the methodology and bringing it to the world-wide trading community. Over the years he has traveled to many countries educating and enlightening traders. This culminated in him being awarded a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Gate University in 2009.